Inspiring People
Mount Vernon                                                                          to Become
Church of the Nazarene                                                Faith-Filled Followers
                                                                                                               of Jesus!


Pastor Lyle Pointer
Welcome to
Mount Vernon
Church of the Nazarene!
Pastor Lyle has a special message of welcome just for you!
   Polishing the Rough Edges                                    After we become a Christian a refining process continues. God wants to teach us to manage anger, speak kindly and honestly, and to be disciplined. In the next four weeks we will be dealing with these topics in ways you will find helpful. These are important topics to becoming "faith-filled followers of Jesus.


 Sept. 7 - Managing Anger


Sept. 14 - Speaking the Truth in            Love

Sept. 21 - Slip of the Lip

Sept. 28 - Finding Inner Strength


Our mission statement: To inspire people to become faith-filled followers of Jesus.

We invite you to join with us on this journey!