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Our mission: To inspire people to become      faith-filled followers of Jesus.

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Praying for an Unsaved Person


1. First I must know that I am in total oneness with the will of God in my own life. I pray and search my heart.

2. Pray I will be able to show Christ to this person by my actions, words, and love.

3. Pray for perseverance, because years may pass before this person comes to know Christ.

4. Pray for the opportunity to be able to witness to this person.

5. Pray God will send someone into the life of this person who will be the key to his or her coming to know Christ.

6. Pray God will begin to speak to this person and deal with his or her life.

7. Pray God will begin to soften the heart.

8. Pray for an obedient heart.

9. Pray s/he will be wise in the decisions s/he makes.

10. Pray s/he may know “how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is, and know this love surpasses knowledge” (Eph. 3:18-19).

11. Pray s/he will come to the point that s/he will hate sin.

12. Imagine him/her discovering God at work.

13. Ask, “What about God, if it were known, would attract him/her to God?”

14. Ask, “How can I leak the good news about God?”

15. Pray God’s love will be experienced.

16. Pray God’s people will multiply prevenient (love that goes before salvation) grace.

17. Pray God’s people will become sensitive to the openness of the unsaved.

18. Pray the ear of the unbeliever will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s speaking.

19. Pray the unbeliever will open his/ her social circle to the Christian and the Christian to the unsaved.

20. Pray the unbeliever will see God at work in his/her life.

21. Pray s/he will re-envision God to be loving, just, good, and ultimately desirable.

22. Pray s/he will long for personal peace and freedom from guilt.

23. Pray s/he will desire to worship.

24. Ask, “What can I do or say today to bring Your light to their world?”